When I’m not writing, I’m screaming. Not randomly at strangers or anything like that. I’ve been there, and it brought me nothing but misunderstandings and legal entanglements. No, I do it on stage with whatever band I happen to be in at the time.

For the past decade-plus I’ve been handling vocals in various metal and punk acts based in Taipei. I’ve even managed to tour around Asia a few times and get over to Europe. Not bad for a kid who only ever dreamed of playing one show, just to know what it felt like.

Right now, my main gig is Dharma. It’s a Buddhist death metal band, the brainchild of our drummer, Jack Tung and guitarist Andy Lin. Basically, what we do is take Buddhist mantras and set them to death metal. Trust me, it works. At least I think it does. Check out some pro-shot live videos below. Hope to see you at a show sometime!

Devil horns meet sutras in Taiwan's Buddhist death metal band.

The gig begins with a nun chanting on stage but suddenly erupted into a wall of noise unleashed by distorted guitars and screamed sutras -- the unique sound of Taiwan's first Buddhist death metal band.

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